Mission Statement

The Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister (MSD) is responsible for Sustainable Development, Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, Public Broadcasting, Social Dialogue, Consultation and Industrial and Employment Relations.

The responsibilities of the Ministry include dialogue with the social partners and civil society. In this regard, the two vehicles responsible are the MCESD and the MEUSAC. Consultation between the Government, the public, and the social partners is part of the Ministry’s remit.

The Ministry is also tasked with leading and driving the process of sustainable development by ensuring prosperity, social justice, and healthy ecosystems for all through the facilitation of an integrated and participatory approach to governance; the promotion of environmental management and innovative technologies; capacity building to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts; and demonstrating the value of building a green economy across all levels of society.

The Ministry is also tasked with overseeing the operation of the Public Broadcasting Services Ltd (PBS) and ensuring that it fulfils both its commercial objectives as well as its obligations as a public broadcaster.  In addition to this, the Ministry will also be engaging in the review of the National Broadcasting Policy, which has remained unchanged since its launch in 2004.

The Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister ensures the delivery, within this legislature and to the satisfaction of the general public, of the commitments made by the Government to the public through its Electoral Manifesto; the sustained improvement of the general well-being of all the Maltese people and the strengthening our economy; and the provision of the necessary assistance and support all the other Ministries in resolving risks and issues that could hinder the achievement of the set targets.